Mattress Types that you should consider

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What is the best finish? What is the ideal size? Spring or latex! These questions are often asked when it comes to buying a new mattress. Choosing a perfect model is not easy since such a choice is directly related to rest and a healthy life. Popular Magazines have some tips that may help you opt for the ideal mattress. Pay attention to all the suggestions and good dreams and don’t forget to checkout black Friday 2019 mattress deals.

What Is Your Favorite Sleeping Position?

If you usually sleep on your stomach, you need a firm mattress so you do not sink into it; if you sleep on your side, it is better to have a less rigid model so that your shoulder sinks slightly; If you usually sleep on your stomach, the right option is a middle ground between the two examples above.

What’s Your Weight?

Weight is also an important factor. For the thinner, the ideal is a flexible mattress and for those overweight, a firm model is ideal.

Do You Feel Hot And Move A Lot At Night?

For those who tend to move a lot, a firm mattress is the best choice, because it allows the movements to be done easily. For those who feel very hot the right option is a spring mattress because it is colder.

Materials: Which one is right for you?

The three basic rules for the perfect mattress are as follows:

  • It cannot be too soft.
  • Cannot be too firm
  • Cannot be deformed

The Most Common Materials

Springs: They offer firmness, elasticity and breathe to the mattress. It is possible to find models with different degrees of density, ensuring a good cushioning and elasticity.

Advantage: It is the ideal model for the back.

Disadvantage: With too much weight, the springs can sag and sink.

Polyurethane Foam: Ideal for children or extra beds that are not used so often.

Advantage: It isolates the heat.

Disadvantage: Lose firmness easily.

Latex: It is the most natural material. Mattresses made with this material are hygienic and hardly lose elasticity.

Advantage: Extreme comfort.

Disadvantage: It is more expensive than most mattresses.

Viscolatex: is made of a material with “active memory” so that it fits perfectly in our body. The feeling of lightness and softness are two highlights in these models.

Advantage: the freshness.

Disadvantage: to be used only with wooden pallet.