Understanding the technical details of the traditional springs

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The pocket springs are more ergonomic compared to the traditional spring mattress and therefore this model is considered as the most modern evolution of the first type. The number of springs changes according to the models, usually you can find springs or micro springs and the higher the number of springs inside the structure, the more elastic and comfortable the mattress will be. Both types (with pocketed and traditional springs) ensure good breathability regardless of the padding used, and make these models also suitable for areas where the summer seasons are very hot. Find a queen mattress sale near me for the best mattress deals.

Internal constitution of a latex mattress

Latex (or latex) is a very common material in the manufacture of mattresses is obtained from a natural plant but can also be synthetic and, in fact, there are many models on the market that are made up of a mixture of artificial and natural materials (since a mattress made of natural latex is very expensive). The particularity of this material is that it is very transpiring and rigid, able to oppose a very good and adequate resistance to support the spine, but at the same time it is flexible and elastic, comfortably absorbing the body movements at rest and distributing the pressure evenly.

The crucial features of the latex

As mentioned a little while ago, the percentage of real latex present in the mattress can be total (in this case the mattress is quite heavy and has an inner layer of latex of at least 10 cm) or it may vary this indication must always be present and detailed as it is you run the risk of buying a latex coated or low latex mattress, paying it as a model made entirely of this material. Finally, a latex mattress can adapt very well to any type of person, but it is recommended in particular to those who want a medium high and high lift model and therefore not suitable for those who want a very soft mattress.

Always try to know more about latex before buying

If you are interested in buying a latex mattress or want to learn more about its characteristics, you can refer to our purchase guide that we have created specifically for this type and where you will also find our reviews.